"Vatersland" at the Film Festival Cologne 2020

To mark German Unity Day on Saturday, 3 October, the feature film debut "Vatersland" by renowned documentary film director Petra Seeger celebrated its festival premiere at the Film Festival Cologne 2020, where she personally presented the film with her actors Margarita Broich, Felizia Trube, Momo Beier, Stella Holzapfel, Bernhard Schütz and Matti Schmidt-Schaller. Other guests included producers Christine Kiauk and Herbert Schwering (Coin Film), distributor Stephan Winkler (W-film) and Christina Bentlage from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, which after the production will also support the film's theatrical release in spring 2021 distributed by W-film.

After her award-winning documentary "In Search of Memory" about Nobel Prize winner Eric Kandel, Petra Seeger's first feature film deals with her own past as a growing girl in a post-war society dominated by men. She artfully interweaves the play scenes with wonderfully nostalgic family photos and 16mm film footage from her private archive. Major remembrance cinema about the trauma of an entire generation. Perceptive, feminist and at the same time incredibly entertaining and humorous!

01__1_vatersland_filmfestivalc From left: Felizia Trube, Momo Beier, Stella Holzapfel and Margarita Broich, the actresses of the main character Marie from "Vatersland" at different ages, as well as director Petra Seeger at the festival premiere in Cologne © Juliane Guder / Film

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